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With the transition to LIVIA Group in October 2017, the Board of Directors approved an updated version of the Code of Ethics, a fundamental component of the Organisational, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, applicable to directors, employees and collaborators of REFEL S.p.A.

Structured by type of stakeholder, the Code of Ethics exposes general ethical principles (compliance with the law, respect for human rights, transparency, protection of industrial property and independence of information) as well as specific ethical principles for each group of stakeholders, from customers to suppliers, from human resources to investors, from communities and institutions to the environment.

The Code of Ethics, therefore, provides the set of principles and code of conduct by which REFEL’s directors, employees and collaborators must abide in their respective functions and work activities.

The provisions of the Code of Ethics are qualified as an integral part of the contractual obligations assumed by its recipients, whose violation constitutes non-fulfillment of said contractual obligations with all relative legal consequences, including the termination of the contract or the assignment as well as possible compensation for damages.



Soon after its foundation in 1986, REFEL S.p.A. was a firmly established presence in the national and international markets for fused cast refractory materials. This immediate success was a direct result of the excellent quality and reliability of its products and of the highly professional technical and commercial support provided to every customer.

In 1993, REFEL became a member of the DIDIER Group which was acquired in 1995 by the predecessor of RHI Group.

2017: REFEL became part of LIVIA Group, an independent industrial holding and private investment company.

2022: REFEL joined Şişecam, the only global player operating in all core areas of glass production.


Excellence Made in Italy.
This is the motto on which our company, manufacturer of high quality fused cast refractories material, bases its success.

Our main focus is the highest possible customer satisfaction, understood as the ability to timely provide products and services that fully comply with the customers’ expectations, while at the same time paying the highest attention to the respect for the environment, to health and safety in the workplace, to the relationships with employees, collaborators and the territory around us, and to the improvement of social and human relationships.

The continuous and convinced pursuit of these commitments will allow us to grow and strengthen our reputation over time. To this end, we believe it is necessary to maintain and develop our Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety in the workplace, consistent with the guidelines of UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, ISO 45001.

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