REFEL seminar in Brazil

May 27, 2019

The day after of the Glassman South America event in Brazil, a professional development course on the use of fused cast AZS refractories (“Cohecimento Tècnico Especializado em Refratàrios AZS Eletrofundidos”) for the various types of glass and furnaces was held at the University of São Paulo at the renowned technical research institute “Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnòlogicas do Estado de Sao Paulo S.A. – IPT”, in collaboration with the “Associação Brasileira de Ceràmica” and the “Comissão de Vidros da ABCERAM”.

Participants came from all areas of the Brazilian industry related to glassmaking, including engineering and research, as well as lecturers and students specialising in the field.

The course was structured as an interactive event. On the one hand, participants were given an overview of fused cast materials in the world of refractories in general, followed by a complete introduction to the production and specific applications of fused cast AZS, as well as fundamental quality topics of fused cast AZS by the head of R&D of REFEL, Roland Heidrich, and the company’s agent in Brazil, Fábio dos Santos Bernardo. On the other, participants could ask specific questions and raise problems for discussion. The feedback received during and after the training was very positive so that further editions will follow in the future.